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Be connected with the new AC Service Generation by BRAIN BEE

AIR-NEX 9380 is the Top Level A/C station in the series. You could not wish for more! It offers all the distinguishing characteristics of the AIR-NEX line, adding the extreme comfort of theintegrated POE oil circuit, necessary for those who frequently service hybrid or electric cars, alternating with cars with traditional engines.

AIR-NEX 9380, for R134a systems, is easily convertible into R-1234yf, or if necessary, also in the new R513a, as well as it is possible to extend its functions thanks to the optional integration with the instruments of self-diagnosis BRAIN BEE.

The integration of our special app is innovative and useful, as it is able to control, service and remote the display. This makes it to a practical and interactive tool and aims at winning the customers’ loyalty.

All updates, software and databases are self-installed thanks to the integrated Wifi connection. The integrated AIR-PRINT application is also available.


Key features:

+ 7” high visibility Touchscreen display
+ ONETOUCH liftdoor system
+ Wifi
+ ASA NETWORK interface
+ AIR-PRINT software

+ Multipass
+ UV Test
+ Flushing(1)
+ Hybrid function(1)
+ N-leak Test(1)

+ Brain Bee Scatools integrated(1)
+ APP (iOS and Android) integrated
+ Oil Care system
+ Autom. purging of non-condensing gas
+ Made by MAHLE

(1) Optional kit required

Dimensions 700 x 750 x 1100 mm
Weight 85 kg
Reservoir capacity 20 l
On board printer optional
Gas identifier optional



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