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Professional ATF stations for automatic gearboxes.

AGC-8150 // AGC-8250

The increasing popularity of automatic gearboxes demands new ways of servicing. Our solution: the AGC-8150 and AGC-8250 fully automatic ATF stations.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend servicing automatic gearboxes:

+ To avoid high secondary costs in the event of problems
+ To extend the service life of automatic gearboxes
+ To maintain good vehicle performance
+ To prevent malfunctions due to wear and contaminated ATF
+ To ensure a more comfortable ride

MAHLE | BRAIN BEE – Fluid Service
MAHLE | BRAIN BEE – Fluid Service AGC-Series

// AGC-8150

MAHLE | BRAIN BEE – Fluid Service AGC-Series

// AGC-8250

// News

This update includes more than 660 new systems, mostly on MERCEDES, VOLKSWAGEN, BMW, MASERATI and PEUGEOT.

+ significant release of new ADAS systems, related to the service management with the new DIGITAL @DAS – Digital Technology
+ new car models released: KIA PICANTO [2017], KIA RIO [2107]