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Professional ATF stations for automatic gearboxes.

AGC-8150 // AGC-8250

The increasing popularity of automatic gearboxes demands new ways of servicing. Our solution: the AGC-8150 and AGC-8250 fully automatic ATF stations.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend servicing automatic gearboxes:

+ To avoid high secondary costs in the event of problems
+ To extend the service life of automatic gearboxes
+ To maintain good vehicle performance
+ To prevent malfunctions due to wear and contaminated ATF
+ To ensure a more comfortable ride

MAHLE | BRAIN BEE – Fluid Service
MAHLE | BRAIN BEE – Fluid Service AGC-Series

// AGC-8150

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MAHLE | BRAIN BEE – Fluid Service AGC-Series

// AGC-8250

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Starting October 1st, thanks to the agreement with the FCA Group, CONNEX will introduce the possibility to operate also on car models equipped with Security Gateway (e.g. 500X, ALFA GIULIA, ALFA STEVIO, JEEP RENEGADE… and many other models).

DIGITAL ADAS TECHNOLOGY wins the EQUIPAUTO INNOVATION AWARD in PARIS and obtains recognition and official approval by CESVI in France.